Tuesday, November 13, 2007

City Lights

This is the City Lights Polwarth roving I bought from the Fiber Studio.
My first impression? The colors! Wow! So gorgeous, and vibrant! The texture was less hairy than Corriedale, with more crimp and softness. It also had an appealing "greasy" feel- not gross, but well moisturized. It drafted really easily, and was simple to spin, it practically spun itself.
I separated the roving into to long strips, and rolled it up into two balls. I spun one and then the other, and then I plyed the two together, for a long continuum of color. It was incredibly satisfying to see the results. Here is my city lights yarn!
I haven't had the heart to tie it into a skein yet, it is too
pretty on the chair!

1 comment:

Miss T said...

That's so pretty on the chair, I'd be tempted to leave it there as a permanent intallation!