Tuesday, December 4, 2007


snowy shed
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What a beautiful day. The snow is falling in abundance, gentle little flakes, and it is a perfect day for knitting.
I've been working on my hemlock bolero- but I am confused. I seem to be getting a different gauge on the sleeves than on the body, so I might rip them out and try knitting them on 10 1/2s instead of on 10s. Sigh. I thought that this little sweater would go quickly. I think it would, if I didn't have all of these gauge issues. But, I want to have a nicely fitting sweater, so I'm willing to reknit if that's what it will take to make me happy.
I've been spinning a fair amount as well... but until I get some better light, I won't be able to get nice pics.
Ah well. In this weather, I don't feel much of a rush anyhow. It is just nice to be able to sit and watch the snow fall.

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Miss T said...

Gauge is so fickle!