Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paying it forward

Well, long time no see. I have been really busy with not fun stuff, but now I'm finally starting to breathe again. I haven't been doing any knitting (gasp!) but I have been spinning. I had my first lesson with Marie (selkieb on Ravelry) a couple of weekends ago, and this weekend is packed with good things- firstly is our first spinning get together at Black Bear Crossing on Como Lake on Saturday, and then there is a gem show at Har Mar Mall. I haven't been to a gem show in ages, so it will be interesting. Then there is the Body Mind Spirit Expo- and I will be ogling over the stuff from Crystalline Light, I'm sure!

Speaking of which, on her blog, Jennifer has posted a "Pay it Forward" offer, which I greedily took her up on! So, for the first three people to shout "ME!!!" (from the continental U.S. please) I will mail out some lovely handmade goodness- probably in the form of herbal bath teas, oils, or salts. I promise that whatever I send will be lovely, and I can work with preferences of scents to make something you love! In return, you agree to pay it forward to 3 people on your blog as well! You know you want to... ;-)