Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fluffy Goodness!

I am usually not a girly girl. In knitting patterns, I tend to choose warmth and cables over frothy prettiness Not to say I don't appreciate flowers or lace, I generally just don't wear them. But perhaps I have changes.
I saw Ice Queen in the Winter Knitty, and fell in love. While everyone else was oohing and aahhing over Jeanie, I was already thinking of how, were I to get stuck in the Wintery Narnia, this would be the perfect thing to tromp through those idyllic woods with talking beavers. And since anything can happen, it is best to be prepared.
So, I adopted some unspeakably pretty mohair/merino laceweight by Crystal Palace that is a mixture of lavender, rose, mint green, and pale blue, all mingled with subtle grace (I really love this yarn) with a lovely halo, and a nice, not too slippery hand, but plenty of lustre.
Then I went to the local bead shop, which happens to be having a 30% off everything sale. It was meant to be. I bought one adorable little tube of gleaming mint 6/0 beads, and went home to eagerly cast on.
Damn. Provisional cast on. I hates it. I tried the method preferred by the designer, but it just didn't work for me. So I googled it, and found a method that worked relatively well in a technique article on knitty. It took forever- one hundred fifty frickin six stitches- and then I went on my merry way. This is my very first lace weight project- I've done lace in worsted weight before, but it is so different when your yarn feels nonexistant. However, I've gotten into the groove of it, and I am thoroughly enjoying this! So, when I get a little bit further, I shall take some pics, and there will be much rejoicing (YAYYYY!)

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